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Lumes was created to unite people who share experiences in the investment world and give everyone their own space. As our community grows globally and evolves, these guidelines will be continuously updated. By utilizing Lumes, you agree to comply with our principles.


At Lumes, we believe that community is our priority. We strive to create a secure and welcoming space where members feel comfortable being themselves in whatever way they choose to be—from boisterously debating the best stocks to quietly building their investment portfolios.


No matter how you're using Lumes, we want you to know that your voice matters here! We created Lumes to help people invest together, build strong relationships and spark conversations. That's why we strongly encourage you to add your friends, acquaintances and contacts to bolster each other's investing journey, which can be intimidating when done alone. So, use this supportive community platform as a place for questions, the exchange of ideas, or simply to see how others are managing their investments.


While it's critical to discuss the things we should not do in our community, let us also remember that there are many wonderful activities and characteristics of this group that make it such an extraordinary place. Those special elements keep all of us coming back for more! We created Lumes to help. Whether you decide to join our stimulating community or not, here are some tips that can help you maximize your connections:


1. Respect each other's opinions and ideas.

2. Use appropriate language at all times—threats or insulting people within the community will not be tolerated, do not use offensive and abusive language.

3. Do not engage in cyberbullying, trolling, or flaming other members of the community. 

4. Ensure that any content you post in the groups is related to investment. Do not share any content depicting violence/gore, nudity, or drug, animal, or child abuse under any circumstances.

5. Racism, homophobia, and extremist or abusive topics of any kind of hatred won't be tolerated.

6. Don't attempt to steal, access or otherwise obtain data from others without their permission. Doing so can be illegal and may lead to serious consequences.

7. Respect the privacy of all members and do not share any private messages or conversations with outside parties.

8. Do not post links to malicious sites, viruses or scams that could harm other users or the community as a whole.

9. It is not allowed to sell or promote any product or service that is not related to investments. 

10. Do not have any ill-intentioned motives when offering investment advice.

11. Do not pretend to be someone else in a misleading or harmful way. It is important to stay true to yourself and your good values when interacting with other members of the community.

12. Do not mislead Support Teams when it comes to seeking help, you should be honest and forthright about the issue you are facing. 

13. Don't share any fake information that can spread quickly and create divisiveness in the community. It is important to verify every source of information before sharing.

Following these guidelines will ensure that you have a wonderful, rich and engaging experience in the community.


Enjoy safe investing!

Thanks for your time!


Becoming active in the community can help you feel part of something bigger and enable you to make meaningful social connections.


Regardless of gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or origin, everyone should be respected for who they are and welcomed with open arms.


Take initiative by getting to know someone outside your immediate network, instead of simply interacting with the same set of people all the time.


Personalize your profile picture and background, and write a bio that tells us who you are.

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